• Why should I get an alarm system?

    It is the simplest and most affordable way to give you peace of mind knowing whether your children are coming or going, and can ensure help is always ther if you are at home or away. Plus, it may get you a discount on your home owner's insurance premium.

  • Isn't my current smoke detector good enough?

    The smoke detectors that are mandated by the government work just fine but have limitations. They do not allow the monitoring centers to call the fire department for you. When you're out your pets are helpless. The first sign of fire is the smoke or flames coming out of the windows. What a relief to know that the fire department can be there before the home suffers major damage.

  • How do I choose my alarm company?

    That's not an easy question to answer, but maybe this will help:
    –Are they licensed in your state?
    –Do they look and sound professional?
    –Are they courteous?
    –Are they punctual? If not, did they call to notify you they were going to be late for their appointment with you?
    –Do they understand the importance of what they are doing for you? (at Alarm Protection, most staff members have been a victim of crime, so it's easy to be good at something you are passionate about)
    –What do other people say about them?

  • How do I prevent a burglary?

    Someone who is going to break into your home does not care about you, your family, or your possessions. Criminals are not rational, if they were they wouldn't be breaking into your home. You need to have the burglar convince himself that there are easier targets than your home. Think of your alarm system as having layers; like an onion. Start by insisting the security company put a sign in your yard and stickers on your windows when they install your alarm system. Ensure that you actually turn your alarm system on. Start thinking like a burglar, then consider how to protect those areas. If you were going to break into your own home how would you do it? Once you have done that set about protecting those areas. There are many other things to keep in mind when considering your family's safety, and our professionally trained staff are ready to advise you accordingly.

  • After making a payment how do I get a refund?

    By providing your payment information, you authorize Alarm Protection to make a one-time or recurring payment. If you have provided this information erronously and are seeking a refund please refer to section 5 in your agreement or call customer service at (888)–278–3008.

  • How to prevent fasle alarms?
    1. Before activating your system...

    Lock all protected doors and windows. Keep pets, balloons, fans, heaters, plants, curtains, seasonal decorations, etc. away from motion sensor areas. Know how to cancel the alarm if the system activates. If you have forgotten how to operate your alarm system, call us, we're here to help.

    2. Educate alarm system users

    All users, key holders or any person with legal access to your property must be thoroughly trained in how to operate your system. This includes knowledge of correct arming codes, pass codes, telephone numbers and procedures for canceling accidental alarm activations. If you do not know, please call us, we're here to help.

    3. Have your security company check and service your system regularly

    Routine maintenance can help prevent many false alarms.

    4. Notify your security company if...

    - You think your system isn’t working properly.

    - You plan any remodeling, including replacing doors or windows, hanging drywall, sanding floors, installing attic flooring or basement ceiling, changing phone systems, installing intercoms, siding, ceiling fans or skylights, fumigating, installing wiring for cable or other electronics, or installing anything near the system control panel or keypads.

    - You hire domestic help.

    - Get a new pet.

    - Plan to sell your house or are testing your system.

    - You have new phone service or name change.

    - If situations change, such as a disabled person now residing at the residence, etc.

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