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Home Automation

Control your house even while are away. Access your alarm, lights, locks, and more. Most homeowners want more in addition to a security system, they want to have total access to their home no matter where they are. Alarm Protection's home automation makes that possible.

  • I've heard home automation is really expensive.

    It can be if you call the wrong company. Here at Alarm Protection, home automation is more affordable than ever. Our customers across the country are enjoying the convenience of having their home and their alarm system easily controlled at their fingertips anywhere they go. Home automation can be yours for as little as $51.99 a month.

  • How long do home automation installs take?

    Depending what home automation features you want included, installations can range from 1–4 hours.

  • Will it be hard for me to learn how to operate my alarm system if I choose home automation?

    Absolutely not. Our professional service technicians will guide you through every step of the installment process and make sure you fully understand all the functions of the home automation system before leaving your house.

  • (Video) Learn about Home Automation.

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